Chillar Party sequel by Being Human Production and UTV

Post Date:6/4/2012

Salman Khan production company Being Human Productions coproduced the movie Chillar Party with UTV. The movie was very popular among the kids and got National Prize. The co-director of the movie Vikas Bahl and Nitish Tiwari didi fabulous work with the team of Chillar Party.

Salman loved the concept and movie itself so that he wished to make the sequel of it. Vikas Bahl who is busy with his movie Queen with Kangna Ranaut would not be able to give the dates for the sequel of Chillar Party. Salmna is in search of another director who could replace him.

The new Chillar Party characters will be different from the original Chillar casting. At present the chances of getting repeat the dog Bhidu is there. But, the dog belongs to Vikas Bahl. So you never know if dog will also work in the movie or no…….

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