Salman's Business Manager Shetty will be working for Sajay Dutt also

Post Date:6/1/2012

Salman Khan's Business Manager Reshma Shetty will replace Sanjay Dutt's CEO Dharam Oberoi who has been fired from Sanjay Dutt Productions.

Sanjay was thinking of taking this step from long and total failure of the movie Department helped him in saying NO to Dharam Oberoi. Reshma Shetty, who has been credited a lot for shaping Salman's career, will now help in uplifting Sanjay Dutt's career graph.

Sources say,'Salman has been persuading Dutt to hire Reshma Shetty for months now. But earlier, he wouldn't hear of getting rid of Dharam Oberoi. Now he sees sense in Salman's suggestion. Reshma is expected to turn around Dutt's career.'

Reshma agreed to take the post only official announcement is left.

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