Sonakshi does not believe in Valentine Day

Post Date:2/11/2012

Dabangg debut actor Sonakshi Sinha declared all rubbish to date Lootera co-star Ranveer Singh. She said I don't believe in Valentine Day.

She twieeted, 'I know it makes a good sensational copy to link co-stars and makes for great gossip, but I just want to confirm that I am not dating or in a romantic relationship with anyone."

"Oh yaa-and sorry to burst your bubble but I absolutely loathe Valentine Day , so far me to fuss around it, would be most unlikely.'

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By:Vikram on Feb 29, 2016

for you sonakshiI wish I had more time here,so I could spend that with you,coz I spent whole time in fear,thinking I'll get away from you,Coz when I look into your eyes,I just see my whole world indsie,and my heart starts to fantasize,how one day I'll make you my