Ek Tha Tiger promotion on DID Little Masters

Post Date:8/3/2012

Salman Khan now takes keen interest in promotion of his movies. Ek Tha Tiger is going to hit the silver screen on August 15 and promotion has already started for that. Ek Tha Tiger is special for viewers as ex flames are coming together after a long gap.

Katrina Kaif is playing Salman Khan's lady love in Ek Tha Tiger. To promote the movie Salman and Katrina came on the set of DID Little Masters. A magical chemistry was seen between the two.

Salman's body language and dialogues were reflecting fondness for Katrina. Young skippers like Raghav, prince, Neerav told that they put romantic songs in their choreography to show their fondness for Katrina. For that Salman said, "I'll deal with you guys later!"

The episode featuring the former lovers will be aired on Sunday.

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By:sanu kumar yadav on Aug 20, 2012

please salman bro. kaitrena se sadi rachalo yaar. mai app dono ko sadi dekhana chahtahu. thanks Nepal