Salman and Kabir Khan will visit Pakistan to take out the ban imposed on Ek Tha Tiger

Post Date:7/11/2012

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory authority has banned the promos and release of Ek tha Tiger in Pakistan. According to their perception the film is based on the activities of ISI and RAW.

According to them if Ek Tha Tiger is released in Pakistan, it could damage the reputation of intelligency service.

On seeing the ban by Pakistani government the director, Kabir Khan and actor Salman Khan will soon pay the visit to Pakistan.

Kabir Khan said, "it's disturbing for Ek Tha Tiger to be perceived as an anti-Pakistan film. But it isn't surprising. Look at the cheap jingoistic anti-Pakistan films that have released over the years. We can't really blame them if they perceive Ek Tha Tiger as one such film."

Salman and Kabir both had never been to Pakistan before but to ensure that Ek Tha Tiger is not anti-pakistani they will go and convince the concerning body about Ek That Tiger.

Kabir further said that it is ok if they have banned the trailer but once the movie will come on silver screen then all the myths and perceptions will be resolved about the movie.

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