Salman faced difficulties in making of Ek Tha Tiger

Post Date:8/4/2012

Ek That Tiger promotional period is revealing facts the actors felt during its making. Salman Khan had health problems during its making and when asked about it he said very casually, 'not a big deal'.

Cuba was one of the destinations for shooting. It is a very cold country and Salman who was having fresh surgery at time faced lots of problems because of cold weather but the never die spirit continued him to work that time also.

Salman took all those difficulties and challenges very lightly and said, 'Everyone goes through problems. Let's not make a big deal about it. There are people with more stress and yet no one talks about them." He further said,' Yes, I had problems doing action scenes, as we were doing stunts without cables and harnesses. All these did take a huge toll on me, but it's fine."

Salman have to go to LA for his routine checkup because he was operated there.

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