Bollywood star cheers india semi-final match on twitter - Amitabh Bachchan, Sushmita Sen, Akshay Kumar

Post Date:3/31/2011

Bollywood star cheers india semi-final match on twitter. This is what Amitabh Bachchan, Sushmita Sen, Akshay Kumar, Genelia D'Souza said

Amitabh Bachchan

'INDIA beats PAKISTAN!!! Moves into the final with SriLanka. India breathes normally now .. well played India, congratulations!! The streets outside jammed with revelers, screaming shouting waving the tri color... had not seen this in ages!! Now for the Final Each fall of wicket was greeted with firecrackers and screams throughout the city .. not a vehicle on the road - empty silent!' he tweeted.

Sushmita Sen tweeted:

'Sooooooooo proud of INDIA!!!:))truly played like World Cup winners!!!! WE ARE READY SRI LANKA!! Bring it on!!!!!!!!'

Akshay Kumar

'We are not Just #INCREDIBLEINDIA,We are OUTSTANDING #INDIA as well :) Congrats Boyz u have put Billions of smiles across Billions of faces,more than an Actor Eva could'.

Genelia D'Souza

'4all d criticism Dhoni got 4his intial decision,I think its time v all giv him his due..Raina ws fabbb n my fav 4 2day,Team INDIA take a bow.'

Shahid Kapoor

'THAT was the match!!!!!!!! Yeah baby ..... This is how we do it baby!'

Priyanka Chopra

'Well played Pakistan. You guys are formidable opponents. Be proud of what you've achieved this world cup.'

Minissha Lamba

'Shahid Afridi-So graceful. So dignified. I hope one day I cud invite him to my humble home for a cup of tea,' she wrote.

Shilpa Shetty

'Felt bad fr Afridi tho,his reaction after the last ball,well played by Riaz too..Hard luck,but Respect,' she tweeted.

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