Kaitina will celebrate her Birthday after three years

Post Date:6/21/2011

No one can forget Katrina Kaif's birthday three years ago. It was July 16, 2008 that Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan had an open fight on her Birthday. Since then, three years had passed but nobody could fill the friction between leading Khans.

Kaitrina, who is a very sensitive and private person, did not throw party on her Birthday since then. Now she is single and there is no threat of Salman or Shahrukh, she is planning to celebrate her Birthday with great enthusiasm.

Kaitrina's movie Zindadi Na Milegi Dubara is also releasing in July and it will be a sort of promotion of the movie also. Kaitrina had great fun working with Fahran and Zoya and she will celebrate her Birthday again because movie ZNMD has the same message.

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