Salman gives importance to his friendship with Aamir rather than money

Post Date:4/29/2012

Salman Khan is famous for his friendship as well as his rivalry. He lives up to both the roles in real life very well. Salman khan and Aamir Khan are totally different in the type of cinema they do but one thing is very common i.e. Friendship.

ON screen they have worked only in a single film. Aamir Khan is giving his debut on small screen with a show called Satyamev Jayete. A TV channel thought to have similar kind of TV show with Salman khan to get TRP. With the same kind of project they went to Salman Khan and he did not even think for a second to say NO.

Sources say, "On the small screen, actors Amitabh Bachchan and Salman have been reigning favourites. And the TRPs of their shows are proof of their popularity on TV. Hence many channel heads apparently approached the star to be part of their shows, so they could grab eyeballs at the same time. However, being Aamir's buddy, Salman apparently refused the big bucks offered by the shows for the sake of his friend."

Aamir Khan, the perfectionist, does everything in a planned manner and this time alsote show will be telecasted on Sundays simultaneously in eight languages and eight channels. This will broaden the approach of people to the show and experts say, 'thinking man's actor can really ruffle the TRP game. And now, with one of TV's favourite hosts backing him, it seems like the other stars surely will have some competition, not just in films, but on the small screen too."

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