Salman helping Katrina to achieve perfect figure for Dhoom 3

Post Date:6/6/2012

Katrina Kaif is trying to achieve perfect figure for Dhoom 3. The figure as perfect as it was of Aishwarya Roy in Krazy Kiya Re... Katrina, who is shooting for Ek Tha Tiger with Salman is being guided by him for achieving the perfection.

Salman is a true guide who has helped so many actors to achieve the body they required for the films. Recently added name in the list is of Arjun kapoor who was a fatty boy and Salman taught him to lose weight and get muscular and appealing body. Everybody knows about Sonakshi Sinha who was once flabby and now fabulous.

Katrina...good choice of instructor and your sincerity for gym schedule will surely make for perfect for Dhoom 3.

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By:nancy on Aug 25, 2012

will POWER..!! UH CAN do IT...!