Salman recommended name of Aamir

Post Date:2/16/2012

Salman and Aamir are good friends. Friendship, love, hatred, jealous, competition and favorism is the part of Bollywood.

Bodyguard was film by South based director Siddique and it was huge success. Salman’s Bodyguard was blockbuster hit and now Siddique is planning to make another film with Salman.

Salman read the script and suggested Aamir Khan’s name for his next film. Moreover he said that he is commited to Ek Tha Tiger and Dabanng 2. Salman felt that role will more suit to his friend Aamir. Salman also said that hw will talk to Aamir for doing Siddique's film.

This film is action-romance with some humour and also a thriller.

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