Sultan song BABY KO PASAND HAI - Anushaka incredible dancing - Badshah gives beats

Post Date:3/9/2016


Here are some reasons to wait for BABY KO PASAND HAI song of Sultan movie.

Salman–Anushaka incredible dancing

Some people had this perception that Salman cannot dance. Now Salman is going to break this assumption by stretching him out of the way and doing some coolest dance moves. Anushka Sharma is a good dancer but till date she did not get the chance to prove it. Anushka is taking it as golden opportunity to show her dancing skills to the viewers.

This new chemistry between Salman and Anushka is going to thrill us for sure.

Badshah gives beats

Badshah is ruling and giving one after another hit night club songs. Sultan song by Badshah is titled as BABY KO BUS PASAND HAI . He is giving music in his own style yet to match Salman aura.

Farah's dance moves

Farah has given the nice blend of Punjabi and Hip-Hop in the song BABY KO BUS PASAND HAI. Those who watched the shooting said the dancing moves are cool and appealing. The desi style dance and western spunky moves are also the highlights of the song BABY KO BUS PASAND HAI of Sultan.

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